Decor and Lighting Trends for Autumn 2020 at Castle Lighting Omagh

There is no escaping trends and whilst they evolve, they do so at different paces. We reveal the looks and accessory pieces new for Autumn 2020 at Castle Lighting Omagh that are perfect for updating your existing interior or adding personality to your new home.

Eclectic Lighting

Eclectic Glamour is one of the newest trends we have seen for 2020 and is oh-so grown-up in a stylish way! It allows you to reintroduce designs from a bygone era that are a sophisticated and opulent take on mid-century interiors. This look also focuses on metallic touches – think gleaming gold, burnished copper, brushed brass and bronze. Below is some of the lighting in-store and online that would be perfect for this glamourous look.

GET THE LOOK: Gold and Black Framed 5-Light Pendant £159 | 3 Light Pendant in Gold Leaf Finish £139 | Designer 9-Light Brass Pendant Light with Crystal Cubes £169 | 9 Light Natural Brass Pendant With Opal Glass £475

Velvet Accessory Furniture

Velvet is set to continue to reign strong throughout the next few seasons, especially when it comes to furnishings. Within the interior world this fabric has seen sales sore by 200% since 2018 and it is no wonder as it is soft to touch and exudes both comfort and style. One of the most popular ways to introduce velvet into your interior scheme is with the use of accessory furniture. At Castle Lighting we have a variety of stylish pieces in a range of plush colours that go with the 'Eclectic Glamour' look.

GET THE LOOK: Velvet Mustard and Gold Stool £59 | Luxurious Velvet Teal Bench £179 | Emerald Green Velvet Ottoman £159 | Smooth Velvet Torino Accent Chair £199

Mirror Art

Mirrors are a key trend for Autumn 2020 but are no longer only varied by the style of frames used but now also in the finish on the glass itself. In the first example this elongate mirror has been cut into individual pieces in order to create a geometric pattern that looks ever so glamourous. The second example uses 'foxing' in a damask pattern that gives this minimally framed mirror its unique character and texture. Discover in-store or online at Castle Lighting how art and mirrors are being combined to create unique interior looks that are sure to make a lasting impression within your interior.

GET THE LOOK: Slim Segmented Mirror £59 Each | Patterned Rustic Grey Mirror £119

Interior Accessories