5 Lighting Tips for New Build Homes in Ireland

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

With the new look Castle Lighting store now open daily from 10am we reveal five top lighting tips for new build home projects!

1) Plan Ahead:

All too often the lighting design scheme of a new build house or extension is an afterthought. Many of our customers love the idea of a special lighting effect or fitting, only to find that there isn’t enough space or height to fit it or they haven't provided provision to make it happen e.g. necessary wires, sockets etc.

In order to achieve the best lighting outcome for your budget you need to create a 'Lighting Plan'. To help you with this plan take time to gain a good understanding of what each space within your home is going to be used for.

As a guide you should begin to create your lighting plan at the same time you are doing your plumbing plan. Castle Lighting can assist you with this plan and will help give recommendations on lighting products and potential lighting effects that you may not have thought to create.

2) Kitchen Lighting:

In the kitchen, try and light the work surfaces separately in order to help create layers of light. It is important that your kitchen light is not coming from just a single source.

Simple ways to achieve layers of light is the use of statement pendant lights or strip lighting under and above your kitchen cupboards. For those that want to make impact low-level lighting set into the floor to illuminate some interior features, such as exposed stone or brick looks fantastic.

Downlights should be your last resource for layering light into your kitchen! Even though they are the cheapest and easiest option, they are the most boring! Downlights should be seen as a functional form of light.

3) Open Plan Designs: